Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I've seen better mornings!

Well, so far today has sucked and it's not even noon!!!

It all started when Morgann wouldn't eat her breakfast (she's hypoglycemic so eating isn't an option for her!). Her blood sugar was low - I could tell because she was shaking - so, I fixed her a bowl of Fruity Cheerios (her favorite). But because she preferred to sit on the couch and watch cartoons, she proceeded to throw up all over the living room. While I was running across the room to get her, I ran into Ian's fire truck with my foot, crammed a piece of it underneath my toenail and, I think, broke my toe! I had to get her to the sink to finish throwing up, then send her upstairs for another bath (she had one just last night). But, before I could bathe her, I had to get myself calmed down because I was feeling like I was going to throw up all over the place - my toe was bleeding everywhere and since it feels broken, it hurts like know...&$@#! Once I finally calmed down and the feeling of nausea had passed, I had to go upstairs to give her a bath.

While I was upstairs dealing with a vomit-covered, shaky 4 year old (mind you, she still hasn't eaten at this point), Ian decided to go looking for food - he'd already eaten breakfast! He is notorious for dragging chairs around the kitchen to reach things, and on this particular morning he found Michael's GIANT Hershey's candy bar...and helped himself to almost the entire thing! When I came downstairs, I found him hiding behind the couch, covered in chocolate.

After cleaning him up, and totally losing it and yelling at him at the top of my lungs (we'll blame it on the fact that my toe was still bleeding and throbbing) I still had to pick-up the vomit-laden blankets and jammies, then sanitize the couch - thank God for leather!!!

See, I'm having a good day...I'm praying for at least a measure of improvement...


Katrina said...

Hey didn't you just have a day like this a few posts ago? I think you're taking more than your share of the world's mommy-chaos. You're probably taking on mine, come to think of it, since things have been running relatively smoothly here for the past week or so (of course, by typing that, I'm just asking for it, aren't I?)

I hope your day gets better quick! In fact, I'm saying a prayer to that effect right now, my friend! :D

Jennifer said...

Yes, my world has been in a constant state of chaos as of late. I'm starting to feel as though I'm going to be committed to nearest asylum very soon, where I will enjoy a new wardrobe of white coats! I just keep wondering when it will all calm down.

I know it's said that God will never give you more than you can handle, but come on....a break might be nice :)

Amy said...

OOh, I wish I were nearby!! I would love to come help for a bit. I hope your toe is NOT actually broken. I hope that it was just something to make you slow down (I know, as if!)

You are incredible, amazing and so capable, Jennifer. Hang in there!! God is with you in each of these moments!

Anonymous said...

HEY ... I know how to tell if your toe is broke er not.... Dis itta piddy went to market... dis itta piddy stayed home...

If ya kick me n I cry IT'S BROKE!

Unca Jerry