Sunday, October 26, 2008

MIA since IKE

Since the visit from Ike a few weeks ago, I have been out of whack. My schedule was thrown off, and pretty much tossed out the window, and I have frantically been trying to keep my house of cards from crumbling all around me. So, I've taken some time off from my blog. Ok, a long time, but I will eventually return to report anything worth reporting. I am not gone, just taking some time off. I will continue to read and comment when I can, but even that is at least a week behind (sorry Judy!). So, when I can, I will comment; when I have something to say, I will. But until then, just check in periodically and know that I am still here - just a little busier than I would like to be!

Tomorrow is another day...and gosh, darn it, I will get back on schedule!!! Hey dad, this too shall pass, right?!?!