Saturday, April 29, 2006

OK, So Maybe Not...

Seems that we are indeed not in charge of our lives, as we once we assumed we were. Well, not when we deliberately and intentionally hand-over the steering wheel to a Higher Being anyway. What I said earlier, in my last post, yesterday...forget it! Hubby has not changed jobs, he's staying put!

Yep, the new position that he'd accepted as of the time I posted that blog is no longer his. Not because it was taken away, but because after accepting it, he turned it down. While speaking to his current (or what would have been former) employer, he was offered a chance to stay, but with a much better salary and position. So, duh! It was a no-brainer for him to accept the new offer and stay put.

So, don't go about changing your bookmarks yet! My normal blog will be back online within a few days, so stay tuned to for more :)

Hope you all are having an awesome Saturday!!!!

Friday, April 28, 2006

I'm Back!!!

Well, I'm back! Not that I ever really went anywhere, but I'm back on blogger's site for at least a while. We've had to shut down, but this isn't a sad day. Hubby is changing jobs effective today, so that required that we turn off our webserver effective immediately. So, anyway, hopefully you all got my messages and will be back to visit often. There are too many things happening right now, at this very minute, for me to be able to post anything new, but I'm sure new stories will show up soon :)

Have a great weekend!!!!