Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Houston...we have snow!!!!!

At 9PM tonight, while watching The Santa Clause 3, we took a break to play in the snow! We had about 3 inches on the trampoline (before it all was scraped off for snowballs), and managed to build a miniature snow man :) Talk about a wonderful treat for the kiddos... Its gonna be a great Christmas!!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Smelling the Holly

Ok, I absolutely love this time of year! It's finally not hot (even though I think it hit 70 today - not HOT!), we get to decorate our homes, the kids get giddy with excitement, we can dangle "Santa won't bring you a present if you tell your mommy no!" in front of our kids, we have to get creative with gift giving when the checking account runs low, and...we get to remember...and yes, be thankful for those we love.

For my dad, who loves unconditionally, supports unequivocally, reminds me gently, and remembers my birthday :)

For my sister - the middle one - who gives of herself to just about everyone (almost to a fault), is faithful in everything she endeavors to do, who is a trusted friend and support to me, and also remembered my birthday (this year!).

For my other sister - the baby - who makes me laugh (not always at you!), works hard to keep up with her frenetic schedule, who has gone through so much and yet blossomed into a beautiful woman in spite of everything...and who remembered my birthday too!!!

For Betty, who cares for my dad and takes great care of him, who treats us with the utmost respect, but still like one of her own, who is quick to listen and offer advice when asked, and who helps my dad to remember my birthday :)

For my mother-in-law, who is always there when I get stuck and need help, who prays for my family unceasingly, who loves me as a mother loves her own daughter, and who understands (like no other) the man I live with :)

For my father-in-law, who is a Godly man and advisor, watching over his family with the sincere love of a father & grandfather, praying for his family and offering support.

For my sister-in-law, who is busily planning her wedding, but still taking the time to call her nephew to wish him a happy birthday (from afar) - and yes, me too!!! - who is great friend and confidant, and makes me giggle with her goofy stories :)

For my children, whose "I Love You's" and giant, squeezy hugs abound, even when I'm not the mommy I should be, who keep me on my toes with the daily inquisitive questions that flow from their little minds, who remind me that I am not just here for them, but that they are here for me too - to remind me what the word "unconditional" truly means.

For my husband, whose steadfast support, love & encouragement, gets me through the toughest of times, whose quick wit reminds me that I am not the "end-all" when it comes to being "Wife of the Year", and who occasionally gives in and takes us out to eat so that I don't have to cook dinner (which I hate to do, by the way). And oh yes, who is the man of my dreams, even when he forgets things :) I couldn't do any of this without you, honey!!!!

And finally, for my mother, the woman who taught me how to perservere in the face of adversity, to hold on tightly to our Heavenly Father's hand when things get really tough, and to ultimately trust in the One who loves us more that we could ever imagine.

For my family, I am truly grateful and appreciative. I love each you dearly and uniquely. You each have a special place in my heart, and even when I don't verbally say it, I love you all!!!

And to my friends, you are my support system, the ones I call on when I am in need of prayer, the women (and men) that I confide in when I need advice, and my strength when the weight of being mommy, wife, sister, daughter, and friend gets to be a heavy burden. I thank God for each of you - those that I know personally, and those that I know only through our blogs! I truly believe that God has placed each of you in my path, and I count myself as truly blessed.

I hope that at this time of year, you find the time to focus on what is most important in your life. Whether you have already finished your Christmas shopping, have just started, or are waiting on payday, take the time to stop and smell the holly. It only comes around once a year, and the time seems to slip by more quickly each year! Hold on to your memories, enjoy making new memories, and, by golly, tell those around you that you love them and appreciate them!!!

Christmas blessings to each of you, and may you have a wonderfully, blessed New Year!!!!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Breaking the Rules

That's what we've been doing lately. And tonight, we broke TWO rules: ice cream for dinner (and, OK apple slices too), and a 9PM bedtime :) Life doesn't get much better when you have a super-tired mommy with a sugar craving, huh?